Tuesday, July 24, 2007

My First Entry into the Blogosphere

Well here goes nothing...

I guess a blog is kind of like a diary where you pretty much put down your thoughts and dreams, or what happened for the day. I was never good at diary's (I usually quit after three weeks) and I doubt that I will get too personal (hey, I have to keep my personal space personal!) But I will try and share as much as I am willing to share so you can get some insight into who I am.

Who am I? Well, I still haven't been able to answer that question myself. I am the only black girl in your 4th grade class who is really funny, friendly, and outgoing. I am the teenager who never dated but instead was always the girlfriend counselor on subjects like boys, parents, and clothes. I was the high school athlete that got stoned with fellow team mates, the kids who sat in the smoking area and cheerleaders. I am the 20-something who played hackie sack with her friends on Sunday's at the lake, drove to Austin to enjoy 6th street, and skipped college. I am the thirty something single mom who got off drugs on her own, waited tables for 8 years and had a daughter who never really knew we were poor. I am the 40 or so year old woman, who finally found the love of her life , learned thetrue meaning of forgiveness, and realized I had a passion to work with paper, particularly, making baby shower invitations.

My first stab at making invitations was for a girlfriend of mine who found out at 44 that she was expecting. I know she was scared and excited all at the same time. I was happy for her, but was glad it wasn't me! One day, she asked me if I would coordinate and host her shower . She said that with her other two sons she never really had a shower and she wanted this one to be really special since she knew it would be her last. I certainly couldn't say no, and didn't want to deny her anyway. I was really looking forward to doing another event. See, she and I at one time were business partners, planning small weddings, showers and special events. We hadn't done anything together in a while. The thought of pulling out all the nice linens and glasses and making party trays for a special friend was not work, it was a labor of love.

I pretty much had everything set for the shower- the guest list, the menu, games, and favors, someone to make the cake decorations. I figured the invitation would be a no-brainer. Boy was I wrong! I scoured the discount stores and various stationary outlets for the perfect invitation, but once I got to feel the invitaton, I was sorely disappointed. The paper was thin, I mean THIN! The images I found were cute- little ducks, baby booties, bears - but they all shared the same quality - they were pre-printed. Worst part was the card itself had fill-in lines for your information. I don't know whose idea it was to use fill-in lines on inviations. Personally I think they are just plain tacky. On top of that, the envelopes were not lined!! How dare they!!!

So, in my usual stubbornness I said to myself "Forget this!! I will make them myself". And so I did.

I got to the craft store and scoured the paper seletion for just the right color. After thumbing through various baby prints, I settled on a linen textured baby blue cardstock, bought some cardstock blanks, some stamps, stamp pads and ink, and headed home. I didn't have a clue as to where to start, but I eventually picked up a tiny flower stamp and just went to town on the paper. I used two colored inks, then finished the center of the flowers off with textured paint. It was really fun making them. The true test was when my friend saw them. She started to cry. I told her that I could change anything about them if she wanted and she said "No, don't change a thing. These are perfect."

She wanted something sweet, but not too babyish. I guess cause when you are 44 and having a baby, babyish is really the last thing you have on your mind.

I dedicated the invitation to her, and name it Christine.


Mr. Powell said...

Welcome to the blogoshpere.

Your first post is an inspiration to readers of your story. What a magnificent gift you have! Your words paint wonderful pictures. Congratulations on finding your passion and turning it into a business.

I found your blog through my Flickr profile while I was updating it and saw we had a favorite movie in common. This lead me to your site, and your profile lead me here.

Blogging can be fun and rewarding. I blog as part of the educational technology community. Through this network, I have learned so much about incorporating web 2.0 tools, such as blogging, in my classroom.

I hope you continue to blog. Share your ideas about your craft with the world. Provide links to things you find on the web that tie in with crafts or your business. Find and read blogs by others in your field and leave comments. Ultimately, blogging is about conversations.

I wish you all the best.

Happy blogging,
Anthony Powell

thebeadedlily said...

Oh yes! Welcome to the blogosphere!