Sunday, November 29, 2009

Lover of Everything Paper

This is no exception. What more can I say? This thing is just plain beautiful. Great work, keep up the originality!

Simple Joys Paperie has been a long time fave of mine.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Past time for an update!

Wow, I've been away a while from blogging. I kept thinking it had just been last week and here we are, already the week of Thanksgiving and the last time I posted was Nov. 7. Time sure does fly.

I have been busy dealing with getting a nice order of cards together to send off with a friend who can sell at work. I haven't heard anything, so I keep telling myself no news is good news. I'd like to try to move some of my product. I guess the best I can do is wait and see.

I'm just going to go from today, it's been way too busy for me to remember anything!

So I get a call from a dear friend of mine who found out a few weeks ago she's got breast cancer. Luckily they caught it early and I think her prognosis is good. When she called me we laughed about how she needed to have her Sistah Girl (me) in her life so I could show her the in's and out's of buying wigs, just in case she needed them. Well, she called me today to inform me that she was showering and basically her thick thick hair was falling out in clumps, and she had her husband take a buzzer and cut it all off. She said she was ok with it, but wanted something to put on her head so when she sat around at Thanksgiving people wouldn't be trying NOT to stare at her shiner. We we went to the wig store, and the one I took her to I like because they have a buttload of wig styles to choose from. I mean, a woman's gotta look good, and for a lot of women,our hair is EVERYTHING! And I don't know about my friend but I will get it where ever I can, online, at the store, curly, straight long or short. Hair is hair to me, even if it's not growing out of my own scalp, it's mine, dammit. And I plan on looking fabulous and fierce every chance I can get.

Well I twittered about this today and it caught the eye of an Etsy seller by the name of Azek2000 who happens to knit and crochet hats and different things, and she offered to donate a hat to my friend. I thought that was the sweetest thing, so to you aztek2000, I thank you, you are a gem.

Upon writing this and telling this story I just had another Etsy seller step up and offer a donation. My friend will be so touched! It's nice to know people still give. So much appreciation to 2Kute as well for donating one of her hand made treasures. You both have my respect and admiration.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Only a Diva...

I LOVE when a woman wears something that is purely fashion statement. I love it even more if it's handmade. This one of a kind Blue felted flower is FABULOUS, and any woman who wore this to the board room,cocktail party, or dinner party is sure to get noticed, because for sure, this Broad has Moxi (get over it, I think the term Broad is not a derogatory term, some women are just THAT bad ass). I think if it were mine, I'd put one of my mom's vintage brooches in the middle of it, cause, well, fabulousness deserves a
little bling.

You could go to the store, but why would you? SHOP

Crafts2Cherish- Definitely a shop to watch!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Loving Handmade.....

I swear, I really hate cookie cutter greeting cards. I hate store bought cards for this reason.

Take a Birthday card at your local mass production reseller. Mass production reseller has 1500 stores, and that card is housed in each one of those 1500 stores, at least 12 times. Stay for arguments sake, all 12 cards are bought at all 1500 stores. That means you and 18THOUSAND other people got the same tired, mass produced, not really hand made card. Ok ok, some of those cards in mass production reseller are listed as hand made but have you really looked at them, side by side? They all look exactly the same. EXACTLY. In all the years I have been making greeting cards and invitations no matter how much my anal ADD behind tries, I cannot get the next card to look like the last. It's always the flower is stamped a scant degrees to the left or the right, the shading on that last card looks different than the one I just finished, or the pattern is just a snatch differerent because the pattern doesn't repeat itself just so so each card I make is the same. No sirree, hanmade to me means when you pick up two cards you can bet they will resemble each other but will not look the same. Ever.

I just made this card, and I promise you, the next one that looks like it wont be just like it. It's simple but has a really nice hand folded flower on front which has been finished with a button. Love sparkly paper, love fleur/damask paper, love anything black. It's the only color I've worn for the last 2 years. Not out of mourning, not cause I'm trying to look thin. Prolly cause I figure if I ever need a job at the mall I will blend right in with Miss Thing at the Lancome' makeup counter. I guess I should learn how to apply the stuff first.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Art Room - A work in progress

Two years ago when I quit the job I was working at, they gave me a parting gift in the form of a Lowe's gift card for$500. I've spent the bulk of it on my getting my art room in working order. I know I know, two years? But I've been working, working on orders, and at the same time, living life and taking care of a household. And buying more supplies. And more supplies. I have no more room for supplies, but I keep buying. I finally broke down and got the things I have most of- ribbon and paper, organized by color. The shelves have been a tremendous help, as well as the 12 x 12 paper drawers. I used wooden dowel rods (what, 56 cents a piece) and wooden dowel ends to hold my ribbon in containers I got from Walfart(not a typo) that had holes in it. I propped the containers on their sides and was able to put 4-5 dowel rods full of ribbon in each container. I also used larger dowel rods and hooks to put up additional ribbon overflow. Trust me, there's more ribbon, but I still have to find it. It's in the other portion of the room that I still cannot go thru until the rest of my shelving is up. Anyway, if anyone has any questions or comments about my storage or other great ways to store art supplies, drop me a comment.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Admiration for Others

So I wake up this morning and check my usual sites- Facebook, Hotmail, Twitter, Etsy, and on the front page of Etsy is this great handmade jewelry box, made by Jim Jenkins 510. First, I love wood, and I love boxes, and the way Jim alternated the different woods- Black Walnut, White Oak, and Bird's Eye Maple just blows me away. If you notice also he's made the drawer handles out of Black Walnut. Craftsmanship, people. ARTISTRY! Selling at a price of $175, this is definitely a one of a kind masterpiece that will be cherished for years.

Here is the link to the item:

Spend your money, people. And spend it on things that are HANDMADE. Trust me, that jewelry box you pick up for wifey around Christmastime is on about 200 other womens dressers. Give your wife something one of a kind. This definitely isn't cookie cutter. And trust me, women like to have things that no one else has.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Promo Boxes-Not so fast.

I have to say that I was so excited last year to do a promo box that is put out by a particular site that many etsy sellers have used in the past. I pumped out 150 hand made cards in two weeks so that I could get one card in as many boxes. I did four different styles (or five, I cannot remember) and mailed them off and got them to the promo box people in time to have my items in the October promo box. I was hoping to spark some interest for Christmas card sales for the year.

So, I get a convo from an etsy buyer who tells me she received one of my cards in the promo box she purchased and wanted to compliment me on my work, and since my card was in the December box and had already purchased her Christmas cards for the year, it was too late for her to order any for the holiday. I was shocked and pissed off all at the same time.

You see, my cards were supposed to be in the OCTOBER promo boxes, and somehow they didn't make it in until the DECEMBER box, which killed any chance for me to maybe garner a few sales for the holidays. I know, I know, it's a year since I've mentioned this happening, but I chalked it up as a learning experience NEVER to do promo boxes again. I counted on the people to use my cards in the month that I had submitted them, not two months later. Do what you say and say what you do, is my motto. Why email me and remind me constantly to get my promo items to you by the specified date then confirm receiving them in time only to HOLD THEM FOR TWO MONTHS AND PUT ME AT A DISADVANTAGE? I've gotten over it, I really have. I just will not ever put my items at the mercy of someone else who made money off me and not living up to their end of the bargain. Bad, bad, Karma.