Monday, November 2, 2009

Admiration for Others

So I wake up this morning and check my usual sites- Facebook, Hotmail, Twitter, Etsy, and on the front page of Etsy is this great handmade jewelry box, made by Jim Jenkins 510. First, I love wood, and I love boxes, and the way Jim alternated the different woods- Black Walnut, White Oak, and Bird's Eye Maple just blows me away. If you notice also he's made the drawer handles out of Black Walnut. Craftsmanship, people. ARTISTRY! Selling at a price of $175, this is definitely a one of a kind masterpiece that will be cherished for years.

Here is the link to the item:

Spend your money, people. And spend it on things that are HANDMADE. Trust me, that jewelry box you pick up for wifey around Christmastime is on about 200 other womens dressers. Give your wife something one of a kind. This definitely isn't cookie cutter. And trust me, women like to have things that no one else has.

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