Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Art Room - A work in progress

Two years ago when I quit the job I was working at, they gave me a parting gift in the form of a Lowe's gift card for$500. I've spent the bulk of it on my getting my art room in working order. I know I know, two years? But I've been working, working on orders, and at the same time, living life and taking care of a household. And buying more supplies. And more supplies. I have no more room for supplies, but I keep buying. I finally broke down and got the things I have most of- ribbon and paper, organized by color. The shelves have been a tremendous help, as well as the 12 x 12 paper drawers. I used wooden dowel rods (what, 56 cents a piece) and wooden dowel ends to hold my ribbon in containers I got from Walfart(not a typo) that had holes in it. I propped the containers on their sides and was able to put 4-5 dowel rods full of ribbon in each container. I also used larger dowel rods and hooks to put up additional ribbon overflow. Trust me, there's more ribbon, but I still have to find it. It's in the other portion of the room that I still cannot go thru until the rest of my shelving is up. Anyway, if anyone has any questions or comments about my storage or other great ways to store art supplies, drop me a comment.

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2kutekreations said...

wow that looks good
if you saw mine hehehhe