Monday, November 23, 2009

Past time for an update!

Wow, I've been away a while from blogging. I kept thinking it had just been last week and here we are, already the week of Thanksgiving and the last time I posted was Nov. 7. Time sure does fly.

I have been busy dealing with getting a nice order of cards together to send off with a friend who can sell at work. I haven't heard anything, so I keep telling myself no news is good news. I'd like to try to move some of my product. I guess the best I can do is wait and see.

I'm just going to go from today, it's been way too busy for me to remember anything!

So I get a call from a dear friend of mine who found out a few weeks ago she's got breast cancer. Luckily they caught it early and I think her prognosis is good. When she called me we laughed about how she needed to have her Sistah Girl (me) in her life so I could show her the in's and out's of buying wigs, just in case she needed them. Well, she called me today to inform me that she was showering and basically her thick thick hair was falling out in clumps, and she had her husband take a buzzer and cut it all off. She said she was ok with it, but wanted something to put on her head so when she sat around at Thanksgiving people wouldn't be trying NOT to stare at her shiner. We we went to the wig store, and the one I took her to I like because they have a buttload of wig styles to choose from. I mean, a woman's gotta look good, and for a lot of women,our hair is EVERYTHING! And I don't know about my friend but I will get it where ever I can, online, at the store, curly, straight long or short. Hair is hair to me, even if it's not growing out of my own scalp, it's mine, dammit. And I plan on looking fabulous and fierce every chance I can get.

Well I twittered about this today and it caught the eye of an Etsy seller by the name of Azek2000 who happens to knit and crochet hats and different things, and she offered to donate a hat to my friend. I thought that was the sweetest thing, so to you aztek2000, I thank you, you are a gem.

Upon writing this and telling this story I just had another Etsy seller step up and offer a donation. My friend will be so touched! It's nice to know people still give. So much appreciation to 2Kute as well for donating one of her hand made treasures. You both have my respect and admiration.


WildHeather said...

Hey I am sending some earrings your way to pass along too...and I can vouch for azek's work too! The slippers that she made for me arrived just before I went into hospital. I wore them the whole time I was there, and I wear them at all times while in my house! I LOVE them so much!

Ruthie's Girl Designs said...

You guys are the best. Thanks so much. If you convo me, I will give you her address and you can send them directly to her. She will love everything.