Friday, November 6, 2009

Loving Handmade.....

I swear, I really hate cookie cutter greeting cards. I hate store bought cards for this reason.

Take a Birthday card at your local mass production reseller. Mass production reseller has 1500 stores, and that card is housed in each one of those 1500 stores, at least 12 times. Stay for arguments sake, all 12 cards are bought at all 1500 stores. That means you and 18THOUSAND other people got the same tired, mass produced, not really hand made card. Ok ok, some of those cards in mass production reseller are listed as hand made but have you really looked at them, side by side? They all look exactly the same. EXACTLY. In all the years I have been making greeting cards and invitations no matter how much my anal ADD behind tries, I cannot get the next card to look like the last. It's always the flower is stamped a scant degrees to the left or the right, the shading on that last card looks different than the one I just finished, or the pattern is just a snatch differerent because the pattern doesn't repeat itself just so so each card I make is the same. No sirree, hanmade to me means when you pick up two cards you can bet they will resemble each other but will not look the same. Ever.

I just made this card, and I promise you, the next one that looks like it wont be just like it. It's simple but has a really nice hand folded flower on front which has been finished with a button. Love sparkly paper, love fleur/damask paper, love anything black. It's the only color I've worn for the last 2 years. Not out of mourning, not cause I'm trying to look thin. Prolly cause I figure if I ever need a job at the mall I will blend right in with Miss Thing at the Lancome' makeup counter. I guess I should learn how to apply the stuff first.

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PussDaddy said...

Those are some really pretty cards. I had to click and read about them.