Saturday, December 5, 2009

Happy Holidays

I love Christmas. I think it's the woman in me, all the sparkles and lights and every one trying to be friendly to one another. I also like Christmas because it reminds us grown folk what it was like to be young, with so many wishes and dreams for the holidays and what Santa may stuff under the tree. Speaking of tree, I need to go to storage and get mine and put it up. I'm a week late, as we usually do it the evening of Thanksgiving, only we went out of town so didn't really have the option. Must.put.up.tree.

Ok, so here is one of my cards for the holidays for sale at Ruthie's Girl Designs. It's a cute little sleigh. I picked up both of the rubber stamps probably two years ago on clearance, and couldn't figure out how to use them. I found some cute treat bags with a great holdiday design and voila! Card. Find your supplies in everything you touch.

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