Sunday, September 21, 2008

Out from the Shadows

I SWEAR...I should post more often. I think I get a little nervous about sharing my thoughts about anything. I realize it's a problem I've probably had my entire life. I hope to stick with this blogging for as long as I can. I have plenty to say, but sometimes just not sure about the words to use.

I'm still making my invitations, only now I spend a little more time on greeting and note cards. I look back at my work from a year ago and compare it to now, and I finally see some improvement. I was soooo afraid to try new techniques, and I was just discussing with my husband last weekend that I really needed to learn more than I'd been learning (which was NOTHING) and that I needed to use the best resource on the planet- the internet to search blogs, youtube and the like to get inspiration and instruction from those much more experienced than me. I know I could go to classes, but that just does not appeal to me. I'm a homebody, and I like it on my own. Besides, I prefer to learn twhat I want to learn on a whim, and not on a montly schedule. I KNOW, strange.

This card has by far got to be the best card I have ever made. I've called it Triple Blossom. Not fancy schmanscy, but I like the name. I really like how the pinks, peaches, and reds blend so well with the sage green. I used a rubber stamp to create the flower, then shaded it and when finished, sprayed with acrylic matte sealer, then cut out. I then layered them and finished them off with texture paints and a ruby red acrylic gem.

Well, I got my feet wet for the day. I hope to be back soon.

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