Thursday, August 18, 2011

Caribbean Blues

I've also acquired this love for Magnetic clasps. I found some nice round ones at the last bead show I went to and they hold much better than the cheap ones from craft stores, and they look pretty darn good as a finishing piece.
Cluster bracelets are pretty popular and have been for decades, but every time I pick up one, the beads are made from plastic. I'm not a lover of plastic beads. At.all. I'm also not very fond of elastic bracelets, as they do tend to stretch out and lose their shape. They are also made out of a chain with beads added to the chain, but there's never enough beads on the bracelet for me and more often than not, the chain tarnishes. And the beads usually rattle around, and that sound just plain drives me nuts. One should hear music, not clanking jewelry.
I should have this listed at Ruthie's Girl Designs before days' end, if I can bring myself to quit admiring it and take it off.

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