Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas, Y'all!

Today is the day you spend with family and friends and share in the holiday cheer! We woke up this morning (kinda late!) and my daughter, husband and I opened our gifts before my daughter had to jet off to her bio dads house across town to celebrate the holidays. It was a nice morning of laughter and excitement. It's nice to see that even at 20, 43 and 45 we all still enjoy ripping open a wrapped package.

I'm keeping this one short. I've tamales to steam and beef ribs to cook, macaroni salad to mix and green beans to prepare. Have a great day with your family, and remember and pray for those who don't have anyone this holiday season. And keep those who keep us safe, our troops, close to your heart.

And no matter your preference, you know the sentiment is meant with love and affection: MERRY CHRISTMAS!


blue eyed night owl said...

Haha yeah, presents will never get old.

Have an amazing day and have fun cooking, Merry Christmas!

Ruthie's Girl Designs said...

I dunno, Blue, what about the re-gifts of stuff you gave three years ago that was wrapped and given back to you! I don't mind a re-gift so long as it wasn't one I originally sent!