Thursday, December 2, 2010

Today, I feel like a Goddess

Goddess, on sale now

You would think that after having next to no sleep that I'd be dragging today. Not true. I was wide awake and perky at 6:30am (ok, wide awake, yes, perky, that's pushing it) and ready to hit the day. That's what usually happens when I've got an upcoming event, and I've got a Jewelry show to prepare for. I've only had one home show, but I really do like having them for their intimacy and lack of craziness. Craft fairs are fine, but people tend to forget they are at a craft fair and not a swap meet. I know I know some say you should haggle but in some cases, it's just in bad taste, in my opinion.

I had to call the vet this morning to get all of my critters (5 cats, 2 dogs) flea meds as well as something special for Miss Franchesca's "butt worms" yack. I have to admit, last night was the first night in many many nights I did not allow her to sleep on me. Poor baby. She misses her mama. I know I'll get past it, but not until the meds are dispensed. Period.

Well, back to inventorying all of my jewelry, I think I'll actually get all of that finished and have time to perhaps add to the collection.

Tally ho!

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