Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Cards, Invites, that is.

Just don't send them. EVER. And I don't mean just not to me. Not to ANYBODY.

E-cards are fast, convenient, and IMPERSONAL. And seriously, I'm not saying this just because I am a card maker (OK, part of me isn't). ecards lack thought, compassion, and consideration.

And don't get me started on e-invites. I knew couple once that e-invited everyone to their wedding. Really? You couldn't get to a store and find some printables, print yourself up some labels,and send something out? Really, were you THAT busy? Are they THAT expensive? I always think about how someone can't lick a stamp and put it on an envelope and, wait, you don't even have to lick them anymore, and how they will stand in line for hours on end for a cell phone that will be obsolete in 6 months. And you don't have time to send a real, paper, printed, embossed, hand written WHATEVER card or invite to someone. Really.

It all comes down to priorities. How important is that event you are hosting to you? How important is the person you invited to you? Did you take the time out to browse through books, look online and pick the right paper communication for your event? Did you make sure the wording was right, the address correct, the rsvp number included? Did you make sure all the enclosures and information were included to make sure your guests knew where to go? Or did you find some home photo you and your bestest took together in a booth or worse yet, a canned photo online point and click and wipe your hands of the whole "their invited" part of your important event (wedding, home warming, products party) and call it a day?

Really, invitations, cards, thank you cards, real physical cards ARE important. They DO set the tone, they DO show people how much you care. They do let the people you invite know that your event means something more to them than a canned message with the TO: line full of 65 email addresses to other people( and no that heffa did NOT click my email address last!). It really does make a difference! Custom cards are not necessary (and I bite my tongue) but taking the time to address a card or invitation, putting a real stamp on it, walking it down to the mailbox and flipping the flag up DOES mean something. It means, YO, I really care enough about you and my event and the success of my event depends on you coming to my shindig. So do yourself a favor and pick up a box of blank cards for your next event, tie a pretty bow or bone or whatever on the front and mail it to somebody next time you want to invite someone to an event.

Remember that e-wedding? Well, I e-didn't go. I didn't feel like the bride and groom cared really all that much who came to their wedding,and when I heard about it after wards, I was glad I didn't go ( a keg, bbq brisket and beer bong really couldn't justify my putting on a fly dress, 4 inch heels and an expensive wig to attend). OH and guess what? That e-invite got E forwarded to E-everybody and it turned into a 400-person house party. GAWD

Also, consider this. I was e-invited to a home party, where the host and two of her other friends were going to show off their hand made goods, and chit chat with each other about whatever. I didn't attend this event, either. Why? Because if one is going to have a party showcasing hand crafted pieces of art, they should have taken the time to mail out invites to each and every guest. Call me a snob if you want, but my time to me is just as precious as my money is to you.

So, that's all for today. Just think about it next time! I mean, I'm not saying to run out and have engraved invites done for your next dinner party, but you could have some custom made and printed for you, or you could print something simple at home and do it yourself. Really, something that easy really does show you are going all out and it makes your guests wonder what special thing you have in store for them.

And remember, always remember- Thank you cards are NOT an option. Order them when you order your invites.

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